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can't wait to move out to LA <3

Observation Introduction Westbrook was born in Long Beach, CA, but later moved to Los Angeles. Growing up, he dreamed of playing basketball for the University of California Los Angeles. Westbrook spent most of his childhood and early life in LA.

California Street in San Francisco

California Street in San Francisco / photo by Chris Chabot.the first time i drove in san francisco was quite nerve qracking but the city is one of the most interesting ive ever visited, immensely diverse.

Started here on our last trip. Ended up in Vegas for a 3 day wealth creation conference. Love my life! http://www.ilivingapp.com/adairepalmer/

This is a welcome to California sign. -- I wanna talk a pic standing next to this sign someday.

Life's Little Inspirations

Life's Little Inspirations

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Crying because I just want to be in LA

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