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15 Body Cleansing Fruits : Fruit fasts or cleanses are said to allow your digestive system to detoxify, get rid of toxins and wastes, and help you to naturally restore harmony and balance to your entire body. In this infographic found on Pinterest, we are introduced to what are said to be the Top 15 Body […]

15 Body Cleansing Fruits : Fruit fasts or cleanses are said to allow your digestive system to detoxify* get rid of toxins and wastes* and help you to naturally restore harmony and balance to your e…

Drink your way to weight loss. The Best 3 Healthy Weight Loss Drinks #recipes

Drink Your Way To Weight Loss.lose weight easily, the healthy way, with honey/ lemon / cinnamon drinks and teas

Learn how to increase metabolism in your body. Making small changes in your diet & lifestyle can boost the metabolism levels. Learn the ways.

How to Increase Metabolism ?

10 Proven Ways (- actually 9 Proven Ways - as Coffee is an Imposter in this list!) on How to Increase Your Metabolism. The negative effects of Coffee far outweigh the temporary good ones like slightly giving a kickstart for your metabolism.

These 10 weight loss drinks are AMAZING! I'm so glad I found them! I've started drinking the second one and I'm ALREADY LOSING WEIGHT! This is such a great post! DEFINITELY pinning!

10 Amazing Weight Loss Drinks

Im not a big fan of ads that say this MAY help you lose weight, however I am a fan of natural products. Drink your way to WEIGHT LOSS

You can also ease stomach discomfort and improve your bodily fluid balance by trying Zhou’s Water Away: http://www.zhounutrition.com/products/water-away-with-dandelion

Water Away - Herbal Formula for Healthy Fluid Balance, 60 Capsules

Tired of Carrying Around Excess Water Weight? Try a Natural Solution. Zhou Nutrition’s Water Away with Dandelion Blend combines the ancient wisdom of herbal medicine with modern research to bring you

These healthy foods will help to naturally detox the body. Lose weight quick by adding these to your diet! http://avocadu.com/16-foods-that-naturally-detoxify-your-body/

16 Foods That Naturally Detoxify Your Body

breakfast foods for digestive health infographic

11 Paleo Breakfast Foods to Improve Your Digestion

Do you bloat out like a hot air balloon after every meal? Do you need coffee just to poop? There are few things more frustrating than living your life plagued by digestive symptoms such as bloating, c (Best Breakfast Menu)