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O me publicitáis las tiendas de ropa como hace Laforet Harajuku o mejor no hacer nada. Pura poesía visual.       + + +         — Advertising Agency: Hakuhodo, Japan Art Director: Rikako Nagashima Creative Director: Rikako Nagashima Designer: Rikako Nagashima, Naonori Yago Make-Up: Katsuya Kamo Photographer: Yasutomo Ebisu Producer: Kazuhiro …

Magdiel Lopez

Creative people can be found on all corners of the earth. But there's something about Japanese designers that I get the biggest kick out of. Simple, strange, and artistic designs are they're specialty.

Funny image of girl with sweets on her mind. Ad for healthy tea drink. "If I was drowned by sweet temptation.


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DANONE - Yogurterías Danone -1

“DANONE - Yogurterías Danone”. Un proyecto de conspiracystudio

YOGURTERÍAS DANONEThis summer Danone will do a promo on their yogurterías, you will be able to win an air balloon trip. Based on this brief, we developed this graphic that plays with the yogurt toppings making them inflatable balloons.

1. Why do you like this poster?  Looks like old old school disney 2. Does the poster use primarily type treatment or graphics to attract your attention?  Graphic   3. Which of the 4 design principles does this poster use most effectively and how does it use this principle effectively?  graphic 4. Is there anything you feel could be improved to make the poster stronger? less cluttered back 5. First name only! Trey

NMR 24547 Beatles Abbey Road Decorative Poster