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#Mission furniture: from the american arts and #crafts #movement by  paul a. royk,  View more on the LINK: 	http://www.zeppy.io/product/gb/2/391611579902/

Mission Furniture: From the American Arts and Crafts Movement by Paul A.

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Hand-painted geometric frieze in the front hall of a Prairie house, based on a vintage design. Photo: Scott Van Dyke - looks like every wall in my daughters home!

William Morris 'Trellis' Wallpaper, 1862. Featuring natural beauty and subtle colouring, common during the Arts & Crafts movement.

The Arts and Crafts Movement

William Morris design for Trellis wallpaper 1862 - 'Trellis' was William Morris' first commercially available wallpaper design. It was sold through the company of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co, which was later to become Morris & Co, in

The motto of the arts and crafts movement. http://www.artsandcraftscollector.com/images/up/xlarge/-2.jpg | JV

Hand made wall plaque by artist Frank Galpa with Motto: Head Heart and Hand, Arts and Craft

The Green Dining Room at the Victoria Albert Museum is now known as The Morris Room, after William Morris

The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900

The V’s Green Dining Room, ‘the Morris room’. decorated by William Morris’s firm of ‘art workmen’, Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co.

Poster for the Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society. The Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society, founded in 1887, encompassed a very wide range of like-minded societies, workshops and manufacturers.

The Arts & Crafts Movement -- Victoria and Albert Museum--Detail from a season ticket for The Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society, by Walter Crane, England, UK, Museum no.