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Curtis P40

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Bildergebnis für nose art

Bildergebnis für nose art

The Curtiss was the United States' best fighter available in large numbers when World War II began Mais

Maybe the best known aircraft nose art of all. This is painted on a P-40 WarHawk Made Famous by the Flying Tigers American's and others who flew and fought the Japanese with the Chinese before the U.S. officially joined the fray.

Warhawk - when i was a wee little tomboy playing fighter planes vs green army men, this plane was ALWAYS my favourite x) - rugged yosemiterugged yosemite

Gusto por la BUENA Aviación... La ALEMANA..!! por SIEMPRE::!!! Messerschmitt Me-163B-1a Komet Replica

Messerschmitt Komet Replica "The Messerschmitt Foundation do amazing displays with this little replica dude.


That's a flying below the altimeter. Balls of solid rock on this guy.


Rolls Royce's own Spitfire - an unarmed, high-altitude photo reconnaissance aircraft, built at Supermarine, Southampton