Gem love... damn scary this image explained my mind throughly.

Gemini and Relationships This is so accurate, especially for me. This is probably why I don't have a boyfriend at the moment.

Not all true. I don't feel "bogged down" by people I love. Ever.

Oh my gosh! I feel this I wish some people knew all this horoscope stuff is as true as it sounds . I like to explore people let me breathe I'll come back Jesus Christ.

Be intellectuality stimulating as I get bored easily and shutdown.

Zodiac Files: How To Seduce A Gemini. This is so accurate and I'm a Cancer-Gemini cusp

Gemini Geminis actually make great organizers even though inside they may be a bit unsettled. They are also masters at changing up plans on the spot.

Finally.... a reason for it. I can blame my star sign for the silly thoughts I get in my head. :)

Oh yeah, I get extremely jealous when my friends talk about other friends a lot. It's not their fault, and it's not like I'm not happy they have lots of friends.