7-Eleven and Press­byrån (Sweden) Enhance their Fast Food Range | By BVD

7-Eleven and Press­byrån (Sweden) Enhance their Fast Food Range

These sandwiches must be good because someone took the time to design a label and Press­byrån (Sweden) Enhance their Fast Food Range

Caja practica

Cravory Cookies (Concept)

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Jody, it's California and it's teal and it's a souvenir! Giant Feature Matchbook Souvenir from Mettler Hotel Mettler CA via albrechtsantiques


"An attempt to re-brand Ghee Leong Bakery as an artisan bakery that appeals to the younger generation. Black and white is untilized as a distinguishing color scheme for charcoal-baked bread.

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The Natural Confectionery Company

Does not need to be completely clear packaging, could just have a piece of transparent plastic to see part of the product.

Pull Wrap Packaging

Pull Wrap Packaging

With the upcoming trend of streetfood, the litter on the streets also increased. This causes unnecessary damage to the environment.