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Yashwant Industries, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Spinning and Hydraulic Machine Manufacturer By Yashwant Industries, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Fountain, Water Well


Kiln Vent Repair

I’m not sure how much good our kiln vent was for the last few firings.

Ovens are perfect for making cakes, casseroles, or delicious garlic bread, but they can also get really dirty. Foods spill or boil over, and most of the time, it is impossible to clean up a spill before it burns on in an unremovable mass that likes to smoke every time you turn on your oven. …

Baking Soda-Water-Vinegar Oven Cleaner - all you need for a sparkling oven with practically no effort.


A 1922 "dream come true" yellow cottage bungalow decorated with thrift store and vintage finds.

Crusher Part 6

Crusher is about a project of repair, on an attachment for a giant excavator machine and pulverizing concrete is its main purpose.

how I'm going to fix it

how I'm going to fix it