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Night Hunter 1996

In the near future, humanity is in the middle of a brutal war between the vampires who need all the human blood to live, and hunters to protect people from

Witchouse 3: Demon Fire

Witchouse 3: Demon Fire

Dornröschen 2004

Who says the Sleeping Beauty is a girl? it is a male vampire who is just waiting to be awakened;

Blonde heaven AKA Morgana 1995

Just arrived in Hollywood, a farm girl has landed a job at the most exclusive resort. Whe she realizes her boss is a vampire, she must battle her.

Cold Hearts 1999

Viktoria has been devoted to the vampire way of life for a decade, stealing from the local blood bank and on rare occasions actually killing someone.

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Movie Trailers Galore: Night Fangs (2005) Trailer

Movie Trailers Galore: Night Fangs (2005) Trailer

Money on the Side 1982

the kid is one sandwich short of a picnic so she has to look elsewhere for the extra money she needs to send him to a special school

Subspecies 1991

a couple of hundred of vampire movies, no revelation «Subspecies

Night Children 1989

I ripped this from Night Children(David Carradine VS Gang) , the DVDR had roughly 30 minutes of blank blue screen at the end so when I did

Steel Frontier 1995

A colony of survivors build a new life. Their colony, called New Hope, a place where despair turned into hope


This is one densely packed horror/ action flick, so don't blink because you just might miss something pretty cool. Leonard Turner makes appearance doing what he

Eyes of the Werewolf 1999

Description: The film Eyes of the Werewolf starts with some rednecks hunting down a beast. When they finally kill it, they cut out its eyes, because some doctor