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Animal rights groups that paid circus $15.7 million file suit against insurers who cancelled them in 2010 | Read the full story here: http://washingtonexaminer.com/article/2550518

Will Retire Elephants Earlier Than Planned Target : Kenneth Feld , CEO of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey C.

Boycott Animal Circuses!

Let's teach our children better than that . boycott circuses using animals in this way AND explain to your children WHY!

circus animal cruelty. Those cool tricks? Well, this is how they do it.BOYCOTT ANIMAL CIRCUS!

No elephant does this without being abused - do not support circuses that include animals. otherwise you are supporting animal abuse for entertainment.please help them, they need our help

Risas y sonrisas que ignoran

Circuses rip babies away frm their mothers in th wild & keep them locked up. They're forced a life f pain, punishment & cruel treatment fr entertainment. They are wild animals, meant observed only in their rightful world. We mustnt imprison them in ours

circus elephant training

Pledge Never to Go to a Circus That Uses Animals

Do you REALLY think these & other animals dedicate their lives to entertain humans of their own fee will, giving up everything that resembles their natural life? BOYCOTT CIRCUSES & ZOOS!

Torture tool: A mahout holds an ankush, a stick with a metal spike, which is used to punish the elephants. Elephant animal abuse Animal rights. No my kids will not ever see an elephant In a circus, ever!

As cute and entertaining as it is to watch circus animals perform, they're all like abused and stuff. You're really not supposed to go to circus that use animal acts

What's entertaining about a broken spirit? The only thing animal featured circuses "teach" children is exploitation for entertainment purposes and animal domination. Boycott animal featured circuses if you care about animals!

Some us have been to the circus before, but little of us know the dark side under the big top tent. Most patrons would never attend the circus again if they knew of the abuse they were paying for. …

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Go to The Circus.

10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Go to The Circus. The circus is advertised as a family event, but there is nothing wholesome about it. STOP GOING to the circus. You are promoting animal abuse!