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Love Is.Supporting Each Other in Old Age

This royal cleanup. | The 31 Most Smartass Things To Ever Happen. Hahahahahaha, these are awesome.

A mom asked her kid to "clean the bathroom like the Queen of England was visiting." The kid is a definite winner.

Te veo y yo asi de...

Hahaha allthe way so meee

Can You See It

I didn't even notice the dog driving the car until after I read this.

I'm cracking the hell up, now hubby trying it........LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's play a game. You laugh you lose. But at the same time, you laugh you also win KWIM? So lets have some fun, and start laughing. Oh and even if you lose- you can keep playing and posting jokes and pics.

Grappig gewoon

Elephant Asks Camel A Question: Why do you have 2 b*obs on your back? That's a silly question from someone who has a d*ck on his face.

10 Vintage Ribbons + Bonus by Pavel Korzhenko on Creative Market

Back to school idea page boarders great for taking notes adds something to my note headings

Your grandma's new tattoo: | 29 Things That Will Make You Say "What The ACTUAL Fuck?"

29 Things That Will Make You Say "What The ACTUAL Fuck?"

is pride. Show your love. Enjoy your pride. Be you, be free. Love is love.

vrouwen zijn veel zijdig!!!

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