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Bela de Kristo

“Albert Lebourg (France Soleil levant á Saint Maurice oil on canvas x 73 cm ”

Gotta love the sount american tribes influence on this, rarely seen on fantasy female art.

26 Stunning Digital Fantasy Art works for your inspiration

Artists are called mirror of any society. An artist makes the history of any nation. When it comes to America, contribution of black artists particularly women artists towards American art is simply beyond words. African-American art is the great emblem of struggle of African people in America to get their basic rights.

Famous African-American Female Artists

African American black art is very famous from previously and its popularity increasing day by day. Know here in details about black art because its heritage of African American culture.

James Christensen, Lorelei.  Ravishing headdress.

"Lorelei" by James Christensen, American Artist of Religious & Fantasy Art .

Easy E. (Eric Wright) (September 7, 1963 - March 27, 1995) American rapper (member of NWA).

"Eazy motha fuckin E or Eric Wright it's all the same!" Easy E. (Eric Wright) (September 1963 - March American rapper (member of NWA).