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Meenah x Aranea - Google Search

sailorleo: bundling up tiny fish girlfriend

hero of sweethearts by Socks-and-Notebooks.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt....this is the cutest friggin thing

I don't ship Nepeta and Karkat, but this is adorable ( also Equis's said Soulmate so.


In which I'm a photobombing goof. I was actually just dancing with a Signless cosplayer back there, but this photo turned out so perfectly wow. Worst Behaved Ship ---EVER

Im in THE hetalia and homestuck fandoms<<

But wait, wouldn't Steven Universe own this universe? Since, y'know, it's called Steven UNIVERSE. IDK <<<< Didja miss the last bit? Homestuck is lots of multiverses. They are all giant frogs. We rule this place.

Pleasant conversation by HomestuckFanPoop on DeviantArt

Recent news: Karkat is a literal cat (yes theyre flirting. of course theyre flirting) Pleasant conversation

Stop with the cake! I'm sick of it!! <--- "JOHN EGBERT YOU WILL EAT THIS CAKE AND YOU WILL LIKE IT."

homestuck John Egbert dad egbert mines im dumb john and dad just like to yell at each other like this they're the height of situational comedy