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Video: Russian jets rehearse Red Square V-Day aerial display - http://www.therussophile.org/video-russian-jets-rehearse-red-square-v-day-aerial-display.html/

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The Su-34 Strike Fighter

Su-34 Fullback: Russia's Hottest Bomber

The Fullback is the most advanced jet the Russian Air Force has deployed to Syria. Entered in active service with the Russian Aerospace Forces in the Sukhoi Fullback is a two-seat…

Russian Fith-Generation Fighter Jet

Russian Fifth-Generation Fighter Jet

Main performance characteristics of Sukhoi fighter jet and similar foreign aircraft

Russian Jets in Syria Strike 449 Terrorist Targets in Three Days / Sputnik International

‎SYRIA‬ Strikes of the Russian aviation and multiple launch rocket systems of the Syrian governmental forces on a militants' large fortified area near the ev.

The Russian military's most advanced fighter, the Su-35, is fast, maneuverable, lethal and versatile.

The Russian military's most advanced fighter: is fast, maneuverable, lethal and versatile

By Denis Pinchuk and Elizabeth Pineau MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia will keep cooperating with the United States and its partners to fight Islamic State in Syria, but that cooperation will be in jeopardy if there are any repeats of Turkey's shooting down of a Russian jet, Russia's Vladimir Putin said. Speaking after talks in the Kremlin with French President Francois Hollande, Putin voiced lingering anger at Turkey's actions, saying he viewed the downing of the jet as an act of betrayal by a…

Putin says to keep cooperating with U.S.-led coalition over Syria

Russian Appeals to International Community Ignored: Dangerous Ignorance Is Our New Reality

The Russian Tank-Ship-Plane. This can be seen on GoogleEarth at 42 52' 53.28"N, 47 39' 25.80"E. It is still there.2014

The Russian Tank-Ship-Plane

Funny pictures about The Russian Tank-Ship-Plane. Oh, and cool pics about The Russian Tank-Ship-Plane. Also, The Russian Tank-Ship-Plane photos.

Blog Serius: Serius Cool - Sukhoi PAK FA T 50 : Pesawat Pejuang Terkini Russia (14 Gambar)

The Sukhoi PAK-FA Stealth Fighter. Will it get into service?