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Pacific Rim (2013)

Pacific Rim artist Hugo Martin at id Software Last week at Florida Super Con, I got a poster of Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim.

Goonies--one of the best movies of the 80s

The Goonies One of my all-time favorite movies as a kid. I remember watching it on the back porch of my great-uncle's house on the Ohio River with my cousins one summer. My whole family loves it and we have a recurring joke about "that kid from Goonies.


Old Spice Swagger. New ad print campaign signed by Wieden+Kennedy. “Somewhere in there there’s a man in there.

Steven Spielberg on the set of Jaws

A young Film Director Steven Spielberg on the set for his movie "Jaws" in

Leo. An odd-looking young man but a beautiful beautiful middle aged man. It's like magic. km

The Great Gatsby

Tombstone ; possibly THE greatest Western film to date ? Val Kilmer stole this movie !

on my list is this Western about Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Great performances by Russell, Sam Elliot, Bill Paxton, Powers Booth, and especially Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday! I'm Your Huckleberry!

I love this.

Actors Return to their Most Iconic Roles for Empire's 20th

Funny pictures about Actors in their most famous roles. Oh, and cool pics about Actors in their most famous roles. Also, Actors in their most famous roles photos.

Movie Poster - 2013

10 Alternatives To Summer Blockbusters

Mud Directed by Jeff Nichols. With Matthew McConaughey, Tye Sheridan, Jacob Lofland, Sam Shepard. Two young boys encounter a fugitive and form a pact to help him evade the vigilantes that are on his trail and to reunite him with his true love.

The film that officially signaled Disney's animation renaissance (following The Little Mermaid) and the only animated feature to receive a Best Pic...

Beauty and the Beast (Platinum Edition) - Alan Menken

Beauty and The Beast DVD: DVDs & Blu-ray. Beauty and the Beast (Book Beauty and the Beast (Platinum Edition). beauty and the beast dvd

When there's no more room in hell the dead will walk the Earth.

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Dawn of the Dead George A. Romero wrote and directed this sequel to his popular Night of the Living Dead, in which survivors of the zombie apocalypse are trapped in a shopping mall.

Funny movie about two women who switch lives  to escape their broken hearted lives, ironically finding love in the meantime.

The Holiday Movie Perfect pairing - Jude Law with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet with Jack Black.LOVE this romantic holiday movie!

Ender's Game is a good but imperfect adaptation of the sci-fi classic

Ender's Game is a good but imperfect adaptation of the sci-fi classic

The trailer for Ender’s Game is finally here. Based on the worldwide bestseller by Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game takes place 70 years after a horrific alien war. An unusually gifted ch…

"Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier" (dir. Anthony & Joe Russo, 2014) --- Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) struggles to embrace his role as Captain America in the modern world, and teams up with Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), aka Black Widow, to battle a powerful yet shadowy enemy in present-day Washington, D.C. Coming to theaters on April 4th, 2014!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

With the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel continues their tradition of amazing and gorgeous movie posters. Here is a collection of the best movie posters from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

O Captain! My captain!

Directed by Peter Weir. With Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, Ethan Hawke, Josh Charles. English teacher John Keating inspires his students to look at poetry with a different perspective of authentic knowledge and feelings.

"Taken" and Human Trafficking

"Taken" and Human Trafficking

Taken. This movie should also be called "Liam neeson kicking ass and taking names"