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Haha painted my roosters toenails!!!!

Haha painted my roosters toenails!

Golden Campine Rooster. In my day dreams....I want to get a rooster and hen! Make some eggs and maybe a young chicken to put in a put it in a recipe! Lol!

Golden Campine Chicks Golden Campine Hen Silver Campine Roosters Golden Campine Rooster Campine chickens are an ancient breed, but.

Aftetnoon snack...greek yogart on a cold Saturday 1/4/2014

Probiotics, A Natural Choice for Healthy Chickens

Brunch with the girls.                                                                                                                  chicken coop | Kara Rosenlund

The Big Question – The Chicken Coop

Modern Chicken Coop Designs - Raising chickens is a growing trend as they are great animals to keep, they eat food scraps, and provide fresh eggs daily. Look at these modern designs for chicken coops!

Cold weather chickens - speckled sussex in the snow guide to keeping chickens healthy during winter

Cold weather chickens – 8 things NOT to do to in winter

Cold weather chickens – 8 things NOT to do to in winter!Personally, I think over-warming the coop should be ~ the warmer the coop, the colder it seems outside & the harder it is to acclimate to that cold.

Winter chickens - 20 Cold-Hardy Chicken Breeds - from Fresh Eggs Daily®

Available now is Hatching eggs Barnyard Mix chickens for