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Commission for Doomsdaydoll~ i don't know but this reminds me of you XD


Anime picture overlord (maruyama) madhouse shalltear bloodfallen hplay (kyoshinou) long hair single tall image blush looking at viewer open mouth red eyes fringe smile standing ponytail silver hair payot fang (fangs) :d striped 540433 en

Alter Je'anne d' arc

ahoge bangs banner black footwear black gloves black jacket black pants black shirt boots breasts buckle casual chair checkered checkered floor cleavage clothes writing collarbone cross-laced footwear elbow gloves eyebrows visible through hair fate/g

Amnesia omg stawp it Toma, my fragile heart D: Just lock me up already! <------ He is hot, but he can go die in a hole, stupid yandere.

Amnesia "omg stawp it Toma, my fragile heart D: Just lock me up already!" -quote from past pinner made me laugh from watching the anime xD I can totally understand!


"He turned his face to look at me and in his stare I saw his eyes filled with the same coldness and passion that I adored so much in the years that we were once connected "


Chart showing different styles of eyes for male anime/manga characters. All notes are written in Japanese!: pissed of anime eyes male gestures moods