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Day Your favorite character of the opposite gender of Taiwan, because she's really fun and outgoing. And kinda reminds me of my self

Austria sits on Germany

Hetalia: Germany and Austria~ hilarious! I used to do track and field too!

Hetalia - Official Doodles : Galaxy<<<Whoa, Mother Milky Way... is this an actual thing?

Hetalia - Official Doodles : Galaxy<<<Whoa, Mother Milky Way. is this an actual thing?<<There was a head canon somewhere that this lady is the narrator. I personally like it.

Talia Fairy Tales China- Journey to The West Japan- The Bamboo-Cutter France- Little Red Riding Hood Germany- Snow White Russia- The Princess Who Never Smiled England- Alice in Wonderland Italy- Pinocchio America- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


XD -Hetalia -England -America -France <<< hahahah x'D This is so funny seriously. This made my night, I almost laughed as much as America. I just can't stop laughing.

Alcohol around the world by DianaSan.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I know I should, but I didn't know bout the dutch one - Alcohol Around the World (Hetalia) (I don't drink, so if somethings wrong please comment)