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NBAの伝説的な大スター、コービー・ブライアントが2016年4月13日に引退しました。17歳でプロとなり20年に渡り第一線で活躍し続けたその軌跡をデータで見ることが出来ます。コービー・ブライアントは、名門チーム ...

"A True Shooting Guard" Kobe Bryant Commemorative Sports Page LA Times

Choose your own electoral adventure: Map out the ways Clinton or Trump could win

Data Visualisation

Tax change

Tax calculator that considers where you live

Silvrback blog image

District Data Labs - Time Maps: Visualizing Discrete Events Across Many Timescales

Gallery | Jump Plot

A new way to visualize event data

Carbon-free blueprint

Blueprint for a carbon-free world by Nathan Yau

NEW version with force separated bars

Visualising the Significance of Jealous Dogs





Mexico Crime Report Dashboard

Interactive map and monthly report on Mexican crime (statistics on homicides, kidnappings, extortions and many more crimes) - Diego Valle-Jones


Interactive Inspiration [159

WSJ - The Global Economy's Shifting Center of Gravity

The Global Economy's Shifting Center of Gravity in 11 Charts

The rise of China and other emerging Asian markets has pushed global economy eastward, but there's much more to the move than just GDP.

Showing Missing Data in Line Charts - data visualization, open source


An addictive collection of beautiful charts, graphs, maps, and interactive data visualization toys -- on topics from around the world