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Women's bodies are not only for male pleasure. We can appreciate our own beauty or enjoy masturbating. That doesn't make us wrong

Imagine BTS no Twitter: "Postem aqui as suas fotos preferidas dos meninos (seja solo, em grupo, ship ou meme), mas usem as # e sejam criativos na legenda! #TeamBTS" .

Imagine BTS on

BUT I WANNA TAKE A SELFIE WITH A TITAN *hahahahuhuhuI'm normal love me*

I would totally want to live in the shingeki no kyojin world<<< no gcses and it's certainly easier to die, count me in

I love horses, never owned one could never afford it, or moved too much, now I am too old.<3

Arabian Horse Arabian Horse Show - Western Competition Egyptian Stallion Breeding PIntabians~ face is like our Arabian