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Wow this is so me and perfectly described. I'm so glad someone was able to put into words what I couldnt. I honestly hate wet anger, I get that a lot

Hugs are the greatest.

Her favorite hug,. You mean my favorite hug or at least the one that I used to have everyday and evweytime we saw each other. All I can say is that, that hug .I don't feel it anymore

It's all because of you babe❤️

I can say that with the most passion from my heart that I didn't know what love was.Until I met you.

You... I fell in love with you...

I fell in love with all of you. and as I came to know more of you, I fell in love with those parts too. there's not a single thing I don't love about you. I am in love with all of you, even the parts of you I'm yet to discover.

Ahhh he may be my one-semester-crush but at this moment I really really really like him

i admit it. youre the guy all my love quotes are about. cause i just really love you. i still love you. i swear, i always will.