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The “only” easy to grow terrestrial orchid – Bletilla striata

Orchids are expensive, elegant, dainty, and rare. There are over 800 types of orchids, and they can be found pretty much everywhere in the world.

Bletilla Striata are commonly grown as indoor plants due to the survivability of the plant

Bletilla striata Murasaki Shikibu

Bletilla striata Murasaki Shikibu

This unique selection of Bletilla striata has pale lavender flowers with a darker purple lip, both of which appear bluish to the eye. Bletilla striata 'Murasaki Shikibu' forms an

Bletilla striata c.v. 'Trilips'.

The “only” easy to grow terrestrial orchid – Bletilla striata

C. Ruth Gee 'Carmela Orchids

A Canadian source for orchids, specializing in paphs, phrags, dendrobiums and many

Bletilla striata Alba Variegata

Bletilla is a winter hardy orchid with tuberous rhizomes. Bletilla is the easiest orchid to grow in the garden.

Bollea coelestis

This has been a great plant -- regular bloomer. Flowers are very substantial and long lasting.