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A completely unique and odd tattoo.which is why I like it SOOO much:)

Média : 118740 - ELLE.be

A very well detailed Triangle Glyph Tattoo. You can see that the pink flower is fully colored within the glyph triangle symbol as it slowly branches out into the less colored parts of the flower as the colors are only concentrated in the center.

People are idiots

What in the ever loving actual fuck is wrong with people? Also, I assume she has a disease bc her vagina is blue and yellow.

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Tiny tattoo are cute and best for Girls Browse 55 beautiful small and tiny tattoo ideas for women with positive meaning.

So vibrant! The colors are amazing!

These colors are incredible. Too much for me but the colors & art are beautiful

I don't know about the idea of this tattoo, but it looks awesome.3D Tattoos: October 2010

A Extremely tattoo of a bic lighter i did on my friend mike Super BIC Lighter Tattoo

...uhh... this is quite a cool tat.

Some super realistic body art illusions by Japanese artist Chooo-San. The artist uses acrylic paint to create these amazing illusions.