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i'm not really a Cane Corso person, but this is definetly "something wicked this way comes"

All the more reason to have my mastiffs, this comment below is why I love my mastiff babies. I would probably soil myself if I came across these two Cane Corso dogs!

How To Love a Cane Corso, Without Going Crazy - "a practical guide to living with a Cane Corso"

How to Love a Cane Corso

Cane Corso breeder in Tennessee. Worldwide Quality Cane Corso Italian Mastiff from Champion bloodlines. Worldwide Cane Corso dogs excellent temperments and good looks lifetime breeder support.

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a larger breed, originally used for hunting boars, the Corso weighs in at nearly 120 lbs. Corsos need an owner who is both patient + physically active, and does not mind sharing a conversation or two with this chatty breed~

Best Roman Dog Names For a Cane Corso--- I want him, what a beautiful dog!!

Best Roman Dog Names for My Cane Corso