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Maximum geek points for having an swimsuit. This is the Mass Effect. (via Mass effect inspired monokini by on Etsy)

Custom Mass Effect Shoes

These shoes were a custom order for Leyla in Massachusetts. She requested two characters, Grunt and Legion, from a video game called Mass Effect to be p. Shoes For Leyla

Allergies by Lordess-Alicia on deviantART This is me - ick Allergies, Garrus.....me happy

Hey, maybe it's the allergy medication talking, but when you date Archangel, ANYTHING's possible, right? This is me right now. All of my face holes are drippy and/or in some kind of discomfort due .

Joker should not be allowed near kids. <<< Then I guess it's a good idea EDI can't have children...

Joker is hands down the funniest character. "Hey Shepard, check out my co-pilot" Call me lame but he reminds me so much of Wash I was terrified he would die at the end of each game.

Because Garrus is the absolute best! I'd fall for that pick up line from him <3

Garrus Vakarian pick-up lines. I almost died laughing when he said this.

~ ♥Aria♥ ~

~ ♥Aria♥ ~

Mass Effect: Andromeda is "the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts"! :D Mass Effect/Harry Potter humor.

My only desire for a game...

Hahahahahahaha! Garrus playing Dragon Age. That explains sooooo much.

That explains sooooo much. What if when Cullen mentions that he somehow has a futuristic device and is somehow playing Mass Effect?

Salarian Bumper Sticker- by SilverHyena on DeviantArt silverhyena.deviantart.com LOVE IT!!

I suck at drawing Salarians. Mordin needs to be drawn! I once scoffed at the idea of .