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Learn how to play TAG the Art Game™ by watching a game in action. TAG lets you create art with your family and friends! music by The Smoove Sailors Go to www.

This room is where Windsor Elementary students create their amazing masterpieces!

The smARTteacher Resource: Mrs. Hulsey's Art Room I like the big board for class projects- cabinets or back board

Installation modge podge bowls/flowers:Chihuly

Art @ Massac: Installation work- Use cut scraps, paper bowls, and glue/modpodge to make beautiful bowls that can be flipped upside down and hung from ceilings for a colorful flower installation

The heart of what I teach. These were developed by Lois Hetland. My students include these in critique, self-reflection and artist statements.

Familiar idea with an interesting kid friendly image break down for those habits. Would be great to build this into my bulletin board idea.

The memory game helps students to learn about artists or art elements while increasing their visual memory.

integrate content into memory task (famous americans) or names of classmates/teachers

Celebrate your students with this FREE Printable Art Award!Are you looking for GREATart projects? Check out these presentations. The work is already done for you! Art presentations that are READY TO GO! Happy Art Teaching! Be sure to FOLLOW ME for updates on new products!THE ELEMENTS OF ART COMPLETE UNIT(grades 3-8)LINE- Grades K-2SHAPES- Grades K-2COLOR- Grades K-2Sunflower Paintings (Art of Vincent van Gogh) Grades K-2Crazy Hair Day- Grades 2-6Art Word Wall(all grades)Henri Rousseau…

Celebrate your students with this FREE Printable Art Award! Are you looking for GREATart projects? The work is already done for

“Elements of Art” Memory Game | TeachKidsArt...awesome idea!  Give a tray of items that reperesent the Elements and Prinicples of art...give students 5 mintues to memorize what they can.  Take the box away and ask students to write down everything they can remember!  When finished, have students discuss how they represent the elements and prinicples!

Memory Game connecting to the elements and principles of design --TeachKidsArt: elements of art