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We are all accountable

We are all accountable

a writer's mind.

strong female characters are gaining popularity, especially in Young Adult books. Lots of people (Myself included) love books that have strong, independent female characters even though traditionally women are portrayed as weak and helpless.

Expect nothing. To resist is to exist .

" She glowered at Fred, her anger making her eyes almost glow reddish. "Respect existence or expect resistance. Don't make bigoted sexist comments or expect me to kill you.

If you believe in gender equality you are a feminist. That's how definitions work. Feminist quotes, feminism

I've seen "I am anti-feminist, but not anti-equality." Okay, but anti-feminist literally means that you're against equality.

Dream Big, Envision Bigger...

Feminist is not a dirty word: 36 amazing images that perfectly illustrate what feminism is

So tough to see everything you worked for your life to be just to be destroyed in front of your eyes in what feels like slow motion.

until you begin the next step: healing. And then one day you realize that there are moments of happiness to be grateful for.

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"pretty is not the rent you pay to exist in the world as a woman",equality, body positive quotes, bopo, body positivity

Feminist quotes, feminism quotes, equality quotes, women's rights

Feminist quotes, feminism quotes, equality quotes, women's rights