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More like, be in the front row of the Oscar's Red Carpet

It's crazy to even have this as a bucket list. But, not just any red carpet. Oscars, MTV music or movie awards, or Emmy Awards. I must be on the same carpet as my beloved actress's and actors .

✓ Check

Oh I've done my fair share of shopping in Paris. But shopping with an unlimited amount of spending money would be nice.

:) diamonds are a girls best friend....tiffany, cartier, tacori, doesn't matter:)

DONE! Own Something From Tiffany & Co. -- My engagement ring is from Tiffany & Co. and we also have a Tiffany & Co.

Waterfalls :: Beauchamp Falls Great Otway national park, Victoria, Australia amazing mother nature top of the world

and save an animals life. BIG YES!  LOVE ANIMALS SO MUCH

Volunteer/Service - I've always wanted to adopt a dog from the shelter but my parents don't like the idea, and I've seen many videos and one day I want to help these cute animals

I had a tire swing in my back yard when I was growing up. It was so much fun!

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I heard that of July beach festivals are much fun. Sadly, there is no proper beach in Washington

#16: visit all us states

i've done a lot! my goal is to get a keychain from all 50 states!