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The more money you spend on a cat toy, the less they are likely to play with it - or at least that's how it seems most of time! Maybe that's why our cats love this so much, because it cost nothing ...

Cat feeder Crafty Cat Toys by Doodlecats by Beth Wilson

The absoLute truth

And remember, as a meat-eating animal lover, you yourself participate in part of animal cruelty. Want to live a animal cruelty free life. Go Vegan ♥

nap time...

What A Handsome Ginger Kitty… Cats, Orange Tabby, Kitty Cat, Books Club, Cat Treats

Disney Princess Birthday Party Games - Events To Celebrate

Themed games and activities for a Disney Princess Birthday Party that will keep guests moving, laughing and having fun!

DIY Kitty Cat Treat Jars // Salty Canary  // #ad #PerfectPortions @walmart

DIY Kitty Cat Treat Jars

DIY Kitty Cat Treat Jars // Salty Canary // #ad #PerfectPortions @walmart

Somebody has been sleeping in Barbie's bed....

House-sitting for Barbie - cats are so funny. LOL my cat does this in the American girl doll bed!

yandrd:  Her name is Roux. Roux exists here.

17 Hilarious Snapchats That All Cats Owners Can Relate To

yandrd: Her name is Roux. Roux exists here. --- it's Mycroft's twin!