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I usually hate built in dining room sets but this is beautiful! It doesn't look cheesy at all. You could easily pin up the lights and remove the table and bench to use it as an additional seating area for parties and family gatherings.

Favorite “PINS” Friday

Seating abounds in this built-in breakfast room banquette, and with high-backed cushions, comfort is ensured. The X-base table makes it easy to get in and out of the banquette. Drawers below the banquette can be used to stor

*ASIA BOOTH CLARK(JohnWilkes Booth's sister)~According to the book“Manhunt:the12-DayChase forLincoln’s killer..Asia had a manifesto written byJohnWilkesBooth describing his early plan to kidnap the president.Asia claimed she never read the manifesto,which was written on a letter+ enclosed in an envelope,til after the assassin. When her husband,JohnSleeperClarke,tried to protect himself from being implicated by showing the manifesto to aU.S.Marshall+ allowing it to be published in the…

The Aftermath: The Booth Family & Lincoln's Assassination

Old friends pile into the booth.

Old friends pile into the booth. I know this will be me and my lady friends in the future!

Art Show Booth, formatting images for ZAPP, Juried Art Services and to get 35mm digital slides

Art Show Booth, formatting images for ZAPP, Juried Art Services and to get digital slides

*JOHN WILKES BOOTH (1865)~A fanatical believer in slavery+the Southern cause,he made plans w/co-conspirators to abduct Lincoln;after several failed attempts,he vowed to destroy the president+his cabinet.On April 14,1865,he shot Lincoln during a performance at Ford's Theatre.Though he broke his leg jumping from the president's box,he was able to escape on horseback to a Virginia farm. Tracked down,he refused to surrender+was shot,either by a soldier or by himself.

The Aftermath: The Booth Family & Lincoln's Assassination

John Wilkes Booth, rocking a hardcore badass assassin mustache. Minus 20 points for killing the president, plus 10 points for having an awesome departing line. Minus 2 points for inconvenient spurs. Total Score: Yeah, math is not involved in this at all.

Avant son projet Tails from the Booth, la photographe américaine Lynn Terry a eu l'idée de mettre en scène les chiens abandonnés d'un refuge dans un phot

Tails from the Booth – Quand des chiens abandonnés s’éclatent dans un photomaton

2 Pit Bulls Went Into A Photo Booth, Emerged As Stars Who Broke Down Breed Stereotypes

#charmcolorfully cheese

Vintage photobooth snapshot circa Boy in big glasses with a big smile!

Across the Booth Dress, #ModCloth

Across the Booth Dress. The flickering candles light the swirling floral pattern of this black lace dress as you lean in to converse with your partner!