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Carrell on Van Gogh!! Lol I forgot about this!

everyone said to Vincent Van Gogh "you can't be a great painter. You only have one ear. "I can't hear you" - Steve Carell quote inspirational quote IDFWU quote

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The Office - Corporate Ladder

Walmart: The Office - Corporate Ladder Poster Print x

Reverse Pavlov

Reverse Pavlov


I love the office!

oh, how i met your mother... :)

It’s gonna be LEGEND wait for it& I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY. LOVE this show & Barney!

Top 10 Kristen Wiig skits. I literally just spent an hour watching all of these and I'm dying laughing!!

Have to watch: Top 10 Kristen Wiig skits. This is golden. Gotta watch these when having a bad day!

Kristen Wiig as the lady who can't keep a secret

I LOVE Kristin Wiig. Her SNL "surprise party" skit is a classic.

Favorite Movie

The inventor of toaster strudel. Mean Girls quote.

Memebase: Rage Comics, Forever Alone, Y U No Guy, Troll Face, Foul Bachelor Frog on imgfave

bring in the dancin' lobsters. I shouldn't laugh.

Tell someone you love them today.

Tell someone you love them today because life is short but shout it at them in German, because life is also terrifying and confusing and it's hysterical - " ich liebe dich!

I may have pinned this before. I don't care. It's worth pinning again.

Wise words. Wise Words.

Dwight Schrute Quote HD Wallpaper in Full HD from the Inspirational category. Tags: Dwight Schrute, Idiot, The Office

One of my favorite lines in the movie!!

Brittany L Bullock on

It’s not a man purse, it’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one. (The Hangover) Reminds me of my brother.

The office - Best. episode. ever. <3 XD XD :D epicly amazingly awesome. I hope my wedding to be half as epic as theirs XD

What's Hot This Weekend - July 14th Edition

I love you, Jim Halpert. Jim and Pam from The Office, hands down my favorite tv couple

Duck Dynasty

Uncle Si Robertson like Aretha Franklin ~ Duck Dynasty

I'm obsessed with them

Jenna and John on Jim and Pam

My favorite yearbook quote yet. I can't imagine our old staff doin this. But to be honest, yearbook was the greatest class I've ever taken. We were a family, and the fact that Darcie and I were serious enemies at the start of the year and by the end we were attached at the hip.... That just shows you how incredible that Peerage staff is! Seeing that book at the end of the year made me 20x prouder. Go Peerage!

My favorite yearbook quote yet hahah Rosa Parks!