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This is like an everyday thing for me! From new heights to Kickboxing! We r fearless!!;

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Sweety i neevr said i knew it all because i dnt i fell and messed up and i get back up im not quitting NOWAY!

Or women. Don't ever believe that the reason I am peaceful, is because I don't know how to be violent.

[Better yet, skilled at Spiritual Warfare Prayer, and physical defense second.] Krav Maga the best defense against evil men are good men who are skilled at violence

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Follow Us! Learn More https://clika.pe/l/8721/40662/ #1800mmaplanet #mma #ufc #bellator #mmanews #martialarts

There will be blood, it will not be mine.

The most renowned Mixed Martial Arts gyms that will take your skills to a new level. View our compiled MMA school list for more information.

With Krav Maga, you'll get a great workout and learn how to defend yourself in virtually any situation. You'll also have a blast while doing it!

"I don't need s weapon to hurt you. You just need to be in arms reach. Written laws aren't protecting you, my morality is!" He smiled wickedly I gasped and took a few steps back "Smart move sweetheart!

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Exactly what is mixed martial arts? Mixed martial arts stands for mixed martial arts. Blended martial arts is the blending of 2 or more battling systems.

Kung Fu Quote Train with the energy of a warrior and soon you will have the heart of a warrior Follow Back

Kung Fu Quote Train with the energy of a warrior and soon you will have the heart of a warrior *Allenarsi con l'energia di un guerriero e presto avrete il cuore di un guerriero