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Potatoes grown in straw. No digging! Genius! Just need vole predators around. The chicken and guineas should take care of the other pests.

Hickery Holler Farm Planting potatoes under straw results were very good and easy

This potato growing method for a small space makes more sense to me than others that I've seen.

I was thinking of a strawberry tower. Potato Garden Tower, by Hill Gardens of Maine This one looks like it REALLY works. If a potato tower is something you want to try, I would do this one.

Weeds are great indicators of soil health. Here is a list to help you identify and build the best soil.

Common plantain is a weed that can indicate soil conditions.

Interesting Free Sources to Collect Mulch for your No Till Mulch Gardens

Interesting Free Sources to Collect Mulch for your No Till Mulch Gardens

How to kill weeds naturally and chemical free!  #natural #homemade #gardening  www.pennypinchinmom.com

Get TEN Ways to Kill Weeds Naturally (No Chemicals)

If you want to get rid of the weeds in your garden without bringing dangerous chemicals to the party, then youll definitely want to check out these 10 natural ways to kill weeds. - My Sunny Gardens

Gardening | Tipsögraphic | Use this simple reference chart to determine disease, watering, and nutrient deficiency issues in your plants simply by the shape and color of their leaves.

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Helpful chart to identify deficiency problems in plants. What Does the Leaf Says About Nutrient Deficiency Problem

26 Mosquito Repellent Plants To Plant Around Your Yard

Mosquito Repellent Plants - As summer fast approaches, plants that will repel mosquitoes in your landscape and how to use these plants to enjoy the outdoors during summer. In addition to the plants that repel mosquitoes

growing potatoes in a potato tower

Short on garden space? Then a potato tower or potato box may be just what you need and we can show you just how to build a grow tower. These potato boxes feature slide in and out slats for easy to harvest potatoes!

Black and Blue salvia (Salvia guaranitica "Black and Blue") is considered a "sub-shrub," growing to 5 feet in height with a 2-foot spread. It blooms in mid-summer to mid-fall in deep blue flowers with black sepals. It is an easy plant to grow as long as the soil has proper drainage. Too much moisture at Black and Blue's roots may rot them.

How to Care For Black & Blue Salvia

Are you starting to freak out that gardening season is fading fast? In my latest eHow article, 9 Proven Tips for Extending the Growing Season, I'm talking all about how to keep that garden churning out produce!

How To Grow 100 lbs Of Potatoes In 4 Square Feet

Do i wanna grow taters?How To Grow 100 Pounds Of Potatoes In 4 Square Feet