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Omg, what if her weapon was an eight ball

Omg, what if her weapon was an eight ball<< "What is Yellow Diamond's secret weapon?What's her Pearl's secret weapon?" 'Her sass.

I've never cried over a comic before, but this one...>>>IM DISTURBED THAT AMETHYST WAS CREEPING BUT I HAVE THE FEELS INSIDE OF ME

I've never cried over a comic before, but this one...

This is why I've never been a Pearlmythest Shipper. I see Amethyst looking up to pearl like a sister not a GF. Plus I think Amethyst needs to love herself first.

Her Son by Papayawhipped

i love the idea that if steven's body dies his gem will fall out and he'll get to hang w/ rose while everyone else freaks out abt who's gonna reform << Yeah but what if he doesn't want to come out because he gets to meet Rose?

"It's ok. I can heal her. Her gem. It's ok, I won't hurt you or her, I can help..." ~яσѕє qυαятz:

I can heal her." ~яσѕє qυαятz:<<<< AWWW Saph is so determined to protect Ruby, and Ruby wants her to run so she will be safe Oh my feels

WHAT (Some Steven Universe  fanfic) P.1

Part I believe in the rose quartz is pink diamond theory, but if that theory is proven false, this storyline would be a nice alternative.

stevenuniverse Lapis and her wacky roomate

Come on lapis! Can't you see she is a sweet cinnamon roll looking for love? <<<This comic really shows how much of a cinnamon roll Peridot is!