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I know by markmak on DeviantArt

I know by markmak<<< I know this is outdated but the mlp reference is cute

my_LEGS_FELL_ASLEEP, starvstheforcesofevil, starco, marcodiaz, starbutterfly

my_LEGS_FELL_ASLEEP, starvstheforcesofevil, starco, marcodiaz, starbutterfly. Why the hell did you have to pull the sword.

It's great to be different by markmak on DeviantArt

----------------------------------------- Is this the beginning of the journals ?, I do not do these drawings, art if you ask me but I would like them because they have great meaning for us that we would have been born in Gravity Falls.

Silent Hill  Gravity Falls. Possibly might be the best crossover ever.

Silent Hill and Gravity Falls crossover. Just imagine Dipper and pyramid head and Mabel and the killer nurse statutes (if they had a name.

The Aesops of Gravity Falls - Season 2 Episodes 6-11

The Aesops of Gravity Falls - Season 2 Episodes 6-11

Awkwaaard by markmak on DeviantArt

Awkwaaard by markmak on DeviantArt. Well maybe it was a Twilight-type thing and he broke up with her to protect her