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I don't think this little goat could be any happier!

happy little lamb, Wales I can't not smile at this. Ah, I love this lambie!

Baby goat in a bucket. Yes, please.

This is a baby goat. I mistakenly called this a baby cow. how dumb can I be to mistakenly call him a baby cow?

@Ann Flanigan Flanigan wenger GOAT!!!  {Put You In A Better Mood. : Photo}

awwww-cute: “ A tiny, happy, two-day-old lamb from my friend’s farm!

In case you're having a bad day, here's a smiling hedgehog to brighten it up :)

Hoax: This cute smiling hedgehog, often presented online as the “happiest hedgehog in the world” is actually always smiling since it’s a felted doll Nov.

Yup! Goats really climb anything - even trees! See the goatherder. Okay you guys - get down here right now! I mean it! Quit fooling around or I won't take you down to the river to drink.

Have you ever seen tree climbing goats? Apparently goats on the trees is a common thing in Morocco. Moroccan goats unbelievably easy get on the highest tops of argan trees to reach so loved fruit similar to olives~

What a wonderful face. I don't like mice but this little guy put a smile to my face he is so full of cuteness!


koalas are funny. koalas are smart. koalas are so cute. koalas are brave. koalas are herbivores.