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Look away

One of my favorite things is jumping in the lake in the middle of the night. Best thing ever.


Swimming Breakthrough!

Top 3 Swimming Stretching and Flexibility Exercises to improve your swimming performance and do away with swimming injuries.

swimtrek holidays - swimming in open water every day

This introductory trip explores the idyllic Croatian coastline, and the waters we swim in are part of the Telašcica and Kornati national parks.

Nice little workout, maybe repeat x2?  Warmup  500 swim  200 kick  300 pull (breathe once every five strokes)     Set 1  10x100 @ 1:30, freestyle/backstroke by 50     Set 2  4x400 @ 15 seconds rest, descending:    Set 3  300 easy pull     Set 4  4x50 @ :40, sprint     Cool-down  400 easy swim

Kick-Start: Work Up to Swimming a Mile!


How to Swim: A Beginners Guide 🏊


swimming-reminds me a bit of the swimming pool I grew up working out in!

Open Water Swimming Tip: Swim Straight Like the Pros

Open Water Swimming Tip: Swim Straight Like the Pros

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