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Dentaltown - The tooth is the only part of the body that can't heal itself. Please them with proper care so they can last a lifetime!

TEETH ARE AMAZINGLY STRONG, but they can't repair themselves. However, with proper care and protection they can last a lifetime! Call us today at to schedule your next dental appointment!

The ultimate dental office sink!  Repinned by Togrye Orthodontics.  http://www.bracesdoc.com

Original Pinner says: "you know you are a dental nerd when a tooth sink makes you happy. def keeping this in mind for a future office :)"

This is so funny! I had someone try to explain these to me over and over again while I was in Hygiene School....like I didn't know what they were talking about...LOL!!!

Mamelons: "nipple"), three rounded protuberances (lobes) which are present on the cutting edge of an incisor tooth when it first erupts through the gum.

Idyll Dental:                                                   ...

Dental Crowding: "For the last time, get out of my space! I distinctly remember being here first"