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Problems of a Book Nerd

Problems of a Book Nerd

Every. Damn. Time. - Problems of a Book Nerd

Problems of a Book Nerd I asked my grandma for books or a Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas and she refused. I was mad.

Only fellow bookworms know how true this is. The struggle is real.

Social dilemma of a bookworm ~ fighting the urge to pull your book out of your purse in social situations

a year for a sequel

I've done this a few times. But if you're waiting that eagerly for a sequel then the previous books must have been awesome. Who wants to take breaks when you can be reading.

Innocent Bystander

✓ Innocent Bystander: "Know of any good books?I don't think you're ready for this conversation.

Bookworm Rule #1

People always ask why I carry such big purses. I can fit everything and a book in them!

Cough cough The Mark of Athena cough cough.

19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand- this was me waiting for blood of Olympus! But now I am waiting for Magnus chase the hammer of Thor