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Like Hello, duh!

Like Hello, duh!


Mothers Necklace with Kids Birthstones - 10 Personalized Necklaces Mom Will Love!


A Cancer& expression of sadness - isolation from everyone. OMG I don& usually go in for the astrology signs crap, but this is sOoooooO true of me

#Cancer :)

FAQ: What are the specific birthstones for Cancer ? – Cancer Birthstone are Moonstone and Turquoise What are Cancer birthstones colors? The Cancer sign is a predominantly feminine one, governed by …

well..ahem..you can guess the rest of it...;)

Cancer Zodiac Sign females are alluring. Reason their number is


This is soooooooo true for me, unless you have the answer to my problem, don't say anything to me until I'm ready to talk it out.


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