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When Dan Akroyd cut the dickins outta himself, I loved it, now Julias got weapons lol!

When Dan Akroyd cut the dickins outta himself, I loved it, now Julias got weapons lol!

Ever feel like you want to scream, I mean really, really scream, but instead you sit without a voice and put up with whatever is bothering you? That's what I feel when I see this picture. The deep need to scream out my anger and frustration to the world! Instead, I hold it in.

Moscow, Russia artist Oleg Dou

Shockingly beautiful photography by Oleg Dou Oleg Dou (Duryagin) from Moscow won the Professional Photographer of the Year in Fine Art. There is something manierist, shocking but artisticly beautiful.

Weapons are a right, healthcare is a privilege. Yep, that's Republicans for you.

Over 600 people were shot in 9 minutes ( if each was only shot once & no shots missed) ! IN 9 MINUTES, FOLKS!

15 million women have decided to own a #firearm. You might call it a woman's RIGHT to CHOOSE! #tcot #2A #NRA

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million Women choose to own Firearms. A Woman's Right to Choose.


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Artworks by Oleg Dou

Vampire Nuns - The huge buzz of Twilight and Robert Pattinson is fueling the vampire craze. Russian artist Oleg Duryagin is fascinated with taking photographic po.

Oleg Dou | ArtisticMoods.com

Oleg Dou

You may have seen Russian digital artist Oleg Dou's work before gracing the box for Adobe's Photoshop Dou creates eerie, yet alluring, portraits through