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The giant squid sees the world with eyes the size of soccer balls. They’re at least 25 centimetres inches) across, making them the largest eyes on the planet.

Cleaner Shrimp.

Lysmata Amboinensis ~ Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, my favorite tank critter. Very friendly and inquisitive. Have them eating from your fingers and cleaning your nails with just a tiny bit of coaxing, lol.

Фото: Глубоководные обитатели Марианской впадины

Alternative Names Atlantic Dragonfish, Black Dragonfish. The Deep Sea Dragonfish, is a ferocious predator in spite of its small size.

Waarom willen mannen zo'n vis überhaupt vangen. Waarom niet gillend weggerend?

Oar Fish: This is an oarfish - one of a group of long bony fish found in tropical and temperate waters throughout the world. One species (Regalecus glesne) is capable of reaching in length.

You probably wouldn't want to bump into this bad boy when swimming.

wondering what God was thinking when He made this.God works in mysterious ways! What a wonderful God!

Crown Tail

Crown Tail - photo by Andrew Williams. (I've got a red betta! Not a crown tail, just a regular tail.

карпы кои

Marvellous Colorful and Beautiful Koi fish they are symbols of love and friendship in Japan

Reaper cuttlefish, Sepia mestus. Would make the best pet ever!!! <3

cuttlefish turns red or orange when angry - blue when sad - white when afraid.I am blue (or sad).