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There are some other benefits to using this "full trimmer" method:        If the window is ever replaced with a door, the framing work will be straightforward. True, the 2-piece trimmer method works okay, but the sill has to be cut, and the result is a tiny block of wood to support the upper section of the trimmer. If the nails stayed tight, this would not be a problem. I would recommend the full trimmer method of window framing if changes such as an addition to the structure are planned…

Foundations are fun, I agree, and not just because you get to dig a bigass hole in the ground, and my family owns a foundation company. Actually, I retract that statement.

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Compartes Melrose / AAmp Studio @AAmpstudio #plan #section #detail

Compartes Melrose / AAmp Studio

Built by AAmp Studio in West Hollywood, United States with date Images by Andrew Ashey. The design for Compartes Melrose is centered on the brand’s use of triangles, featured prominently in its packaging a.