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That moment before realizing that pulling back suspenders that far will hurt if they snap back.but Kris will make it sexy!

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Gosh Kai, unless you have a unicorn plushie hidden there, Lay isn't interested.

"O'hana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind. But, you can leave if you want to, I'll remember you though."-Lilo & Stitch

♔♫ 😙KIM NAMJOON❤♫♔ on

We miss you kris. :'( heartache How could u leave kris?

Kris is trying to flirt and Xiumin is just scolding Kris.ㅋㅋ <3

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omo~ kekeke freaking KrAy~ <3 <3 saranghae KrAy i love unicorns and dragons because of these two~ <3 <3 keke

A unicorn with a dragon! (The height difference, tho.

Kai and Taemin

kekeke aigo Kai and Taemin you already know i want the D keke but actually all i want is tickets no wait VIP backstage passes to see you guys~!