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supernatural/what does the fox say. I freaking hate that damn fox song though!

Learn to write in Enochian. <--- I'm a little concerned that the tag in that first pic is "WhoLock" rather than "SuperWhoLock" because this is SPN related...

Now I can finally graffiti walls with the correct spelling of "You breed with the mouth of a goat"! Knowing how to write in Enochian = Life complete

Dementors would starve if they targeted the Winchester Bros and friends! Which is sad.but this pic is funny, so it's ok for now. I have no happiness

I wish there wasn’t any language in this, but this is too good not to share

This is the most amazing thing to ever grace this board, it's not even easter but I don't care.

Tell me about it

Tell me about it

supernatural, sabriel, destiel, lucifer, tumblr<<< Dean and Cas' son look's like joey graceffa-

supernatural, sabriel, destiel, lucifer,<< I dont ship but HOT DAWM IM BURNING. I cant tell if I'm In Hell or on the ceiling

‘Subtle’ Twilight reference in Supernatural…

Funny pictures about 'Subtle' Twilight reference in Supernatural. Oh, and cool pics about 'Subtle' Twilight reference in Supernatural. Also, 'Subtle' Twilight reference in Supernatural.


Their logic is, um, a special kind of logic. The Winchester logic is a unique kind of logic. A one of a kind logic is the Winchester logic.