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Sounds about right, doesn't it?  #FeministFridays

Boys will be held accountable for their actions, just like girls are.

I don't understand it, it's a horrible way of thinking.

Society and it's bullshit double standards

There aren't words to describe how much I love this•

Wednesday: The later years

"You'd be prettier if you smiled" More Like Wensday Addams, Am I Right

Whether thin, fat, a mix of the two, cis or trans, every woman is a real woman.

All women are real women. No need to pit women against each other.

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a woman shouldn't have to be modest to be respected


EQUALITY You're not beings "oppressed" when another group gains rights that you've always had.

Diana, Oc

"If you think women should have the same rights as men, you're a feminist. Seriously. You are. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news."

If you think men and women should have equal rights, you are a feminist, no matter how much you try to deny it. And if you don't think men and women should have equal rights, then you are a complete asshole.

"Fight Like a Girl" That's right. Girls are tough.

yes I fight like a girl, you know why? Because I am a girl. I shall never fight like a boy, because I am not one. And boys could fight like girls only if they were a little bit more stronger.

No hate on MEN, but rather a dislike towards people who argue and rant and rave about "their rights" and how awful women are, but won't do anything?

They don't give a single fucking shit about gay, trans, MOC, or men that have been raped. They really fucking don't.^^ You start noticing that we are the ones who defend them, and the Meninist are the ones who are attacking them.

Nailing the whole positive body image thing, bless this pin

"Lillian is a burlesque dancer and her TEDx talk nails the key to positive body image"--- I fucking LOVE THIS. If I say I'm fat, I'm saying I'm fat.

As much as I hate spelling errors, I'm with the guy who commented below this stupid meme. Also, a point he didn't mention--if this fast food worker made a living wage, maybe he'd be able to be in college instead of slaving away for pennies.

A Fast-food employee cannot spell the word "Fries", and so therefore does not deserve a fair wage.

A thousand times this guy breaking open the smug privilege of those who mock fast food (and other low wage) jobs. Well done! Who knew that there are such people?

Sometimes Neil gets on my nerves... other times he hits the nail on the head

Neil DeGrasse Tyson with the burn of all burns. Neil DeGrasse Tyson winning at life.

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Consent 101 Teach your boys how to not rape (as opposed to teaching your girls how to not get raped.

Women's Responses to Why they have no Children

Regardless of a woman’s feelings on childbearing, the decision to have kids is hers alone, to be decided for her own reasons. And no woman should have to submit to society’s relentless questioning on the matter.

[listen up!] My childhood is a lie

My childhood is a lie

Causes of rape = RAPISTS! How hard of a concept is that to grasp?