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YES, PEOPLE CAN BE HORRIBLE IF YOU'RE DOING THE BEST YOU CAN AND THE WORLD WORKS AGAINST YOU AND IT'S OUT OF YOUR CONTROL HOW FAST SOMETHING IS DONE!  I loved it when people were actually nice to me during work hours like wow bless u you pure hearted angel from heaven lemme tell you about this new thing our store just got in today no one else has found yet I'll show you the cool stuff to buy and tell you what Markers work best

There are times when customers are so horrible because cashiers get one minuscule thing wrong.

"I started working retail. This has been my experience thus far."

I started working retail. This has been my experience thus far.

Great Ladder Display # watch for old ladders at garage sales and tag sales!

I use painted ladders a lot in my w/ boards = long shelf, 1 w/ boards = display unit. 4 people wanted my display ladder at my last show but then my things would have been on the ground!

College Discounts | Student ID Discount Cheatsheet | College Packing List

college DIY discounts - discounts for college. I had know idea I could get a discout at these retail stores and restaurants just by showing my student ID! the-college-years-i-guess-i-have-to-let-him-leave-

Although sales are not naturally my strong point, I picked up a few tips while working in retail. I’m not one for pushy sales tactics but you also don’t want to hear crickets when people are at your booth. Part of the beauty of selling handmade is the experience the shopper gets with the creator. When do you … Continue reading "How To Start a Conversation with Any Shopper at a Craft Show"

How to Sell Handmade to Anyone at a Craft Show

Jumping straight into a sales pitch is the quickest way to turn shoppers off, especially at a craft fair booth. Ease into a conversation with this 1 tip and make your shoppers feel comfortable.

Tree Wrap ~ "I love fabric.  It's patchwork here, calico there and the color just makes us happy.  Our wheels were spinning when we discovered a barren tree at the fairgrounds.  So, we wrapped it up with the most colorful fabric..."

Tree Wrap - The Farm Chicks Fabric-wrapped tree via a Farm Chicks Antiques Show. Great crafting idea for branches or a quilt show.

THIS is what i want to do for my craft show display

Image Courtesy of Goncalo Pinho DIY Plywood Box Display as retail merchandising display fixture

Old Furniture and Door Pieces made into Something New - this time a Closet. Everyday is a Holiday

Shabby Armoire - created from vintage architectural bits - and - if those 2 green doors were set up "just so", they could create dressing room cubbies, or provide hidden stock storage spaces.

Rustic Weddings - 101 Great Ideas

Rustic Weddings - 101 Great Ideas

DIY country wedding, outdoor wedding ideas, country wedding cupcake stand, Rustic Wedding Idea To have my cup cakes on yay!

Shutter Clothes Rack  Three sturdy shutters and a rod could score you a shutter clothes rack like this one, could be a pretty solution to a practical storage problems in a hallway or a bedroom corner.

Here is a new idea for your closet. just get some old shutters.Salvaged shutters used as clothing racks.