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tabCoosh® to suit iPads - Pretty In Pink | Best In Store

the original velvet cirlces tabCoosh makes using your cooking applications so simple.

So cool!

You deserve to be in the picture too! The XShot camera extender includes you in the pictures. this is hilarious

These table lamps are recycled electronic power stations turned into geeky and beautifully retro gadget chargers fit for a true geek's living quarters.

Gadget Charger Table Lamps For A True Geek's Living Quarters

THE MINI - Table or Desk lamp with USB charging station *cute idea for a teens room or a guest room

Antibacterial UV-C Bed Vac. Kills bedbugs and dust mites! Wish I had one of these worm I went to Toronto.

Antibacterial UV-C Bed Vac. Kills bedbugs and dust mites. I'm allergic to dust mites.

Highlighter that fades after 5 months... sounds good for students

highlighted ink fades completely in 5 months! to use on textbooks. I'd want it to stay longer than 5 months preferably.but to sell back textbooks not bad idea!

The clear Plastic Cake and Cupcake Carrier is a great option for transporting your freshly baked cake or cupcakes to the party! // A little pricey at $34 but if you're serious about cupcakes, it may be worth the cost.

Every girl who bakes needs one of these. I am in LOVE with this thing! It holds 36 cupcakes! It was perfect for carting cupcakes to my daughter's birthday party and also great for storing cupcakes in the house.

Loved ones went home with T&C (for Tim and Chris): assorted teas and vanilla-lemon-cream cookies.

Wedding Favours with couples initials: assorted teas and vanilla-lemon-cream cookies.

Blend and go...this is perfect.

Blend and go.mix up a single serving of your favorite smoothie. Pop on the sports lid, and you're off! This would be perfect for morning smoothies! I have this for my protein shakes and LOVE it!

Ladybugs and Bumble Bees from Golf Balls | Cute and Easy Golf Ball Ladybugs to Rock Your Garden

Cute and Easy Golf Ball Ladybugs to Rock Your Garden

Everyone loves this Golf Ball Ladybugs Craft and the results are so sweet! Check out the bumble bees, the flowers and other critters too.

Tanning pillow -- has compartments for ipod/cell phone and a hole cut for your face...genius.

tanning pillow--has compartments for ipod/cell phone and a hole cut for your face. Massage anyone? I need this in my life

Corn silk remover Bruce says "An evidently utilitarian and innocent benign object that, when pictured in flagrante culinario (sic)" cannot help but make one gasp, giggle and want to share.

Even the clingiest strand is no match for this Corn Silk Remover. Just run this clever brush up and down the cob and those annoying strands of corn silk are captured and removed. Won’t hurt the kernels. i so need this at work!

Freezable beverage tote. Great for keeping drinks cold at the beach, picnic or other summer excursion.

Chill It Bags Beer Cooler Bag Blue - They also make them for wine bottles!