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Caption This! The 'Nice People Dancing To Good Techno Music' Edition

notice that the sign says "nice People" and "good country music".today it should read "a bunch of rednecks getting down to commericalized pop that record producers and executives pass off as country music! Damn I miss real Country Music!

11 Things You Can Do That Significantly Strengthen Your Emotional Bond With Your Partner

11 Things That Can Significantly Strengthen Your Emotional Bond With Your Partner

If there's one thing that's important in a relationship — apart from compatibility and, you know, liking each other — it's having a strong emotional bond with your partner. And it really can be the diffe

I like this description of motherhood , yup that's the way to be

Being a mom means you need Eyes like a hawk To be fast like a Cheetah, Have ears and nose like a dog Most of all be protective like a bear 🐵

kids hears 432 neg comments/day (vs 32 positive ones). how many times do you say No or Don’t? confusing (what does she want me to do?). reinforces negative behavior. doesn't hear what you want her to do. discouraging. If 93% feedback during day were negative, you'd feel how kids feel: discouraged. shift percentages: Calmly state what want child to DO. (“Please use walking feet in house") Find opp to say YES! (“The park sounds fun! saturday or monday?” “YES, wh

Simple Words to Avoid Power Struggles by AMY MCCREADY Did you know the average child hears 432 negative comments or words per day versus 32 positive ones? Kvols, Redirecting Children’s Behavior)

From Harmony with Animals project by Gregory Colbert.  j

Harmony with Animals

Op-Ed Article: Starving and Stifled - Women Are Counting Calories Instead of Changing the World // Do you agree?

As representations of women’s bodies across all media have focused so intensely on thinness over the last 30 years, rates of eating disorders have skyrocketed!