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Why teaching reading is important to your children?

10 Tips to Make Your Child a Better Reader- Parent tips to encourage their beginning reader's skills.

kicking back and relaxing

Here are some fun and family friendly reading tips to keep those reading skills sharp this summer! From cooking to grocery shopping, reading this summer is going to be fun!

reading IS hard! these reading tips for parents make it easier

Reading is Hard: 6 Reading Tips for Parents to Make Reading Easier

How Old is Old Enough? Age appropriate chores! *Though I start chores at age 3... but good guide"

How Old is Old Enough?

List of Age Appropriate Chores by Age of Child. Good advice for parents to teach your children at any age.

chapter book read-alouds for PK-2 (providing support & scaffolding with complex texts)

Chapter books for the younger kids

Children spend most of their days following different sets of rules designed to tell them how to think, how to…

Children need to be able to think creatively. I have compiled a list of ideas for you to get them started in their creative adventures where the limits are boundless.

Happines is….

Snuggle up with the family and have some fun with these fall activities.